Health and Safety in a Time of COVID

We are in an interesting time, and issues of health and safety are being explored on new levels. I have always been extremely cautious around colds, flu, and illness. My mother was a nurse and early in my career, I worked in a hospital. Even before COVID, I stayed home if I thought I might have a cold, or been exposed to one, kept my distance, and was annoyed when people would greet me with a hug then tell me they were suffering with a cold.

Always having been an advocate for health, I’m in a difficult situation. I can’t get vaccinated for COVID. I support and encourage everyone who can get vaccinated to do so. However, I’m in the medically sensitive group who can’t tolerate the vaccine. For me allopathic medicine is like using a sledgehammer instead of a finishing hammer when working on delicate projects. If I were making a wooden jewelry box, I’d use a tiny hammer to set the nails just right. A sledgehammer would certainly drive the nails in, but it would also harm the jewelry box. For my body, allopath medications are like sledgehammers pounding extra chemicals into my body. My internal systems must sort out and process multiple ingredients, some which can be poisonous to me.

While I can’t get vaccinated, I personally have immunity to COVID-19 through natural, holistic medical practices.

Someone recently asked me, “How do you know you have immunity?”

“My body knows,” I replied. Unfortunately, this is not a commonly recognized response.

The COVID-19 crisis has created an even wider separation between holistic and Western, allopathic medicine. It’s sad, because instead of being encouraged to listen to our bodies, we often treat them no better than we do our cars and sometimes not as well as we treat our cars. As a vehicle to transport our souls, I feel our bodies are sacred.

In the US, we are encouraged to listen to outside sources of authority, rather than to our bodies directly. For me, this feels neither safe nor healthy. The food industry tends to promote the nourishment for our bodies based more on profit than on health. Pharmaceutical companies advertise illnesses, especially mental health related ones, that we can buy their products to “cure.” A gift from COVID-19 is looking at the unhealthy practice of valuing work over health. This is especially true for jobs in food service industry where workers do not have paid sick leave or aren’t encouraged to stay home when ill.

You might be curious how I obtained immunity to COVID-19. I was working remotely with a group using energetic medicine to address the pandemic in Italy in April 2020. Since I was working with the virus’s energetic signature, I was able to introduce its energetic pattern to my body in a manner that allowed my immune system to build up immunity to COVID-19.

How do I know that it worked? I asked my immune system. I trust my body. My body knows about health and informs me with joy and elation when I care for myself. Everyone has a sense of one’s bodily needs beginning with basic elimination, food, and rest. We know when we are sick, but we don’t often pay attention to how healthy we are. It’s like our bodies are vehicles, and as long as they are running, most of us don’t pay attention to them. We’ve been taught to not listen to our bodies, not listen to what our bodies want to eat, not pay attention to how our bodies want to move, especially if it’s not socially acceptable. Knowing my immune system is based on years of training to fine-tune my ability to listen to my body.

Sensing my immunity to COVID-19 is the same joyous feeling I had when I knew my body no longer had cancer. I respect Western, allopathic medicine and benefit from its ability to investigate physical symptoms through testing. Fifteen years ago, I had abnormal bleeding and the tests were able to inform me that I had a tumor. Once I knew where and what it was, I could work with my body to dissolve it. Another time, when I noticed an abnormal growth on my body, a biopsy showed cancer, which I was also able to treat holistically. While I appreciate allopathic medicine for its diagnostic capabilities, its tendency to dismiss holistic medical practices can be disturbing. When I did not opt for the doctors suggested treatment of my cancer (invasive surgery), I had to sign very intimidating forms acknowledging I was going against the doctor’s recommendation and the office would not be responsible when I died. That was ten years ago.

While I know my own body’s immune system, I take precautions to protect others. I wear a mask, keep distance, and inform people of my status concerning COVID (which is a reason why I wrote this blog post). I support and encourage others to become vaccinated if it is safe for them to do so.

There’s room in this world for all of us. I hope we can respect and encourage everyone to listen to the wisdom inherent within one’s body.   

4 thoughts on “Health and Safety in a Time of COVID

  1. Thank you for writing this Jan. I have immunity due to having COVID-19 and using energy methods to release it. I also do many things from supplements to meditation to nurturing my body directly from the earth and I am assured by both my body and my higher guidance that I will not get COVID again unless I am reckless with my body which I have learned not to be. I started a blog about we naturally immune people who are unvaccinated and titled it “A New Second/Lower Class.” I didn’t post it. I also happen to be allergic to both mRNA vaccines and have other issues with Johnson and Johnson that make the vaccine a greater danger to my body than getting COVID. I too am not anti-vax and know the benefit that vaccines have bought to our human health. I firmly believe we all need compassion for one another as we handle the fear that the pandemic and much of the information about it stimulates in most of us. We all choose to respond/react to that fear in our own way. More than anything that has happened for centuries, the pandemic offers us the possibility of coming together as a global human family. it saddens me deeply to see it being used to divide us.


    • Thanks for your reply. I had been considering writing this for awhile, but given all the assumptions and reactions about the vaccination I was hesitant to go so public with it. But, now I’m glad hearing your response that I did. – Jan O


  2. Hi Jan,Absolutely Fascinating!! And really appreciate you sharing this with others!!And Had no idea you were diagnosed with cancer years ago! You are a true example of healing holistically and how powerful and possible that is!! Thank you for showing others what’s possible when one really takes care of themselves and listens to their body!! Incredible inspiring, Jan!! Thank You again!!Enormous Gratitude….Vickie🙏💜🙏

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