About Me


I have apprenticed with Native American medicine teachers for over 30 years, learning how to walk in both the “normal” world and the world of energy and spirits. I work with Psychological Shamanism, making the mystical accessible, safe, and a legitimate path for therapists and all seeking to have a closer relationship with the spiritual world. I’m a Universalist respecting and acknowledging all paths to the sacred. I love helping people find their individual paths to greater harmony within themselves and their world.

I am a licensed Marriage, Family Therapist with a private practice in Santa Rosa, California. I enjoy helping people reprogram their automatic neural programming so that they can live the life that they desire. (see “Blogs for psychotherapy and personal exploration”)

I specialize in creating joy in inter- and intrapersonal relationships, releasing trauma and dealing with abuse issues. I especially enjoy serving the GLBTQQI and P communities. I write articles, and present workshops to help educate colleagues and the public. (If you don’t recognize the full alphabet of personal individuality contact me and I’d be happy to help increase your understanding and support of these individuals). 

I’m a writer (see “Books”) and also a public speaker (see “Events”). I have also worked as a professional photographer (see “Photos).